What ingredients are in vit d3 colecalciferol? My 2 year old has been asked to take this, whenever she does, she becomes itchy at night, she has multiple food allergies.. Nowhere can i find what the ingredients are to this.

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Peter Egan
What Ingredients are in Vitamin D3?

This is a fantastic question. Thank you for asking!

The answer depends entirely upon the brand. If you're buying low-quality brands from the grocery store and/or pharmacy, chances are they've got all sorts of unnecessary fillers in them.

I highly recommend buying only those supplements which are made by manufacturers whose products are made to the highest of standards using only the best ingredients, and you won't find those at the grocery or drug store.

The Douglas Laboratories Brand Liquid Vitamin D3 Supplement (10,000 IU per dropper --- not that one need take a whole dropper) contains only cholecalciferol and medium chain triglycerides (essentially fatty oils).

The Pamela Egan brand Vitamin D3 Supplement (5,000 IU per capsule) contains only cholecalciferol, cellulose and gelatin.

As long as you stick with high-quality brands like those mentioned above, you'll be in good shape. Stay away from drug store and pharmacy brands. Even if they don't trigger an allergic reaction, they're likely being poorly absorbed if at all.

by Peter Egan 1 year ago